Joshua is a highly skilled and passionate physical therapist specializing in hands-on orthopedics with a strong focus on sports performance. With a background in human biology and a doctorate in physical therapy, Joshua combines his extensive knowledge and expertise to provide exceptional care to his clients.

An avid enthusiast of various sports, Josh has always been drawn to activities that challenge the mind and body. When he’s not in the clinic, you can find him hitting the slopes, pumping iron at the gym, or cheering on his favorite football and baseball teams. This deep love for sports has not only inspired him personally but has also shaped his professional career.

As a certified personal trainer, Josh understands the importance of tailoring treatment plans to individual needs. He believes in a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation, incorporating various techniques to optimize recovery and enhance athletic performance. Josh is well-versed in cupping therapy, scraping therapy, and deep tissue work, providing his clients with the latest advancements in physical therapy.

Josh completed his bachelor’s degree in human biology at SUNY Oneonta, where he gained a solid foundation in the intricacies of the human body. He then pursued his doctorate in physical therapy at NYIT, honing his clinical skills and deepening his understanding of musculoskeletal health.

Whether you’re an aspiring athlete recovering from an injury or an individual seeking to improve your overall well-being, Josh is dedicated to guiding you on your journey to recovery and performance enhancement. With his exceptional skills and unwavering dedication, Joshua is committed to helping you overcome challenges, regain strength, and lead an active, fulfilling life.

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