Joseph Burbige

As the Clinical Director for the Bay Shore office of Panetta Physical Therapy, Dr. Joseph Burbige not only excels in treating a diverse array of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, with a particular focus on shoulder and knee injuries, but also provides strategic leadership and guidance to the clinic. His expertise extends beyond his doctoral degree in physical therapy from Touro College and University System, as he is a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist and an expert in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, further enhancing his capabilities as a clinician.

Dr. Burbige possesses a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding shoulder and knee injuries, enabling him to provide effective and tailored treatment plans to his patients. Whether it’s a rotator cuff tear, labral injury, or ACL tear, he utilizes his expertise to facilitate optimal recovery and assist individuals in regaining their physical capabilities.

Furthermore, as an avid golfer himself and a former collegiate soccer player, Dr. Burbige has a keen interest in helping athletes of all disciplines, including golfers and soccer players, return to their sport. His firsthand knowledge of the physical demands and biomechanics involved in various athletic pursuits enables him to provide specialized care and rehabilitation strategies that are tailored to each individual’s needs.

With his proficiency in Spanish, Dr. Burbige can effectively communicate and connect with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds, ensuring personalized and culturally attuned care. His bilingual skills create a comfortable and inclusive environment where patients can freely express their concerns and actively participate in their treatment plans.

In his role as Clinical Director, Dr. Burbige leverages his extensive experience and clinical acumen to provide strategic direction and ensure high-quality patient care at the Bay Shore office of Panetta Physical Therapy. He collaborates with his team to foster a supportive and patient-centered environment, where individuals receive the best possible care and support throughout their rehabilitation journey.

Dr. Burbige’s commitment to fostering open communication remains unwavering. He understands that effective dialogue between therapist and patient is vital in achieving successful treatment outcomes. By creating a welcoming environment where patients feel comfortable expressing their concerns, he ensures that their treatment plans are comprehensive, patient-centered, and aligned with their unique goals.

With his comprehensive skill set, compassionate approach, and dedication to helping individuals recover from shoulder and knee injuries, Dr. Burbige stands out as a trusted provider of physical therapy services and an exceptional Clinical Director for Panetta Physical Therapy in Bay Shore. His fluency in Spanish and experience as a collegiate soccer player further contribute to his ability to connect with patients and understand the physical demands of various sports.

Fun Fact

Joe has been skydiving and cliff jumping.

Joe's Tip

Do something good for your body on a daily basis.