8 Useful Tips for preventing Neck and Shoulder Pain

neck and shoulder pain

Explore practical tips to alleviate neck and shoulder pain in our comprehensive guide. Discover effective strategies for enhanced well-being, improved joint health, and lasting relief. From daily habits to professional guidance, empower yourself to take control of your comfort. 

Tip #1: Sit Upright

Slouching increases the forces transmitted through your spine, including your neck. When we slouch, we let our head fall forward. This will cause stress, strain, and then pain. 

Be sure to sit upright, preferably with your back supported. Sitting should be a supported posture where your muscles can relax. 

Tip #2: Enhance Your Sleep Setup to prevent Neck Pain

We spend anywhere from 6-8 hours in bed every night. It is important that you spend this time in the correct position. 

Many people sleep with a pillow that is too thick and it bends their neck in an awkward position all night. Try sleeping with a thin pillow. This will allow your neck to rest in a more natural position. 

Steer clear of stomach sleeping, a habit that can wreak havoc on your spine and shoulders. Even if it feels fine now, this position may lead to future pain and spinal issues.

Tip #3: Take A Look At Your Computer

Frequent computer use with poor positioning can increase neck muscle tension. Looking down at a screen will cause your neck to round and increase pressure on your discs. 

Adjust your computer screen so that the top of the screen is at eye level. This way your neck muscles can relax and you won’t feel like you’re “falling into the computer”. 

Sitting at a desk for long periods of time can be taxing on your neck and shoulders. Here are 3 exercises for neck pain you can do at your desk to alleviate pain and stiffness:

Tip #4: Avoid Reading Or Using Your Phone While Lying Down

Reading while lying down leads to forward head position and increases the pressure on the back of your neck. Tilting your head down 45 degrees increases the pressure on your neck by 49 pounds! (Imagine how your neck might feel if you decreased this pressure.) 

By limiting the time reading books or looking at your phone in bed you will ease your neck and shoulder pain. If you are going to read in bed, be sure you are sitting upright, rather than lying down. 

Tip #5: Avoid Carrying Things On One Side Of Your Body

Carrying a bag, purse, or backpack on one shoulder means that the weight is not evenly distributed. Over time, one side of your body is under more pressure than the other, leading to neck and shoulder tension and discomfort. 

Be sure to switch your carrying arm frequently and avoid carrying heavy objects with just one arm. 

Tip #6: Drink enough Water

A major mistake leading to pain and energy drain is not drinking enough water. Dehydration causes muscle aches, fatigue, and dizziness. Try to sip water throughout the day. Cut down on caffeine (coffee, tea, alcohol, energy drinks) to prevent extra dehydration. Keeping your body hydrated help you avoid pain and bring fatigue relief.

Tip #7: Ice or Heat – Your Choice for Relief

Choosing between ice and heat is a common concern. Here’s a simple guide:

  • Heat: Ideal for easing stiffness in muscles and joints, especially effective in the morning when feeling stiff.
  • Ice: Good after activity or in the evening when neck and shoulder pains are bothersome. Experiment with both to see what suits you.

Trust your comfort – stick with the one that brings you the most relief!

Tip #8: Seek Professional Guidance for Neck and Shoulder Pain

The quickest path to alleviate neck and shoulder pain is through consultation with a physical therapist. Here’s how they can help:

  • Listening to Your Story: A physical therapist attentively listens to your experiences related to neck and shoulder pain.
  • Examination: They conduct a thorough examination of your neck and shoulders, identifying the root cause of pain and stiffness.
  • Tailored Plan: Based on the assessment, a personalized plan is crafted. It focuses on relaxing tense muscles, improving joint flexibility, and strengthening your body.
  • Regaining Enjoyment: Implementing these tips, combined with professional guidance, promises a significant reduction in neck and shoulder discomfort.

Visit a hands-on Panetta physical therapist to kickstart your journey toward a more comfortable and pain-free life.

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Patient Testimonials

D Cav
D Cav
I cannot praise Panetta Physical Therapy enough! The staff is absolutely amazing. I've battled back pain for my entire life, and I honestly never believed I could find relief. However, thanks to Steve and the team, my life has taken a remarkable turn for the better. I am sincerely grateful for everything they've done for me and for the comprehensive care they provided. They didn't just address my specific problem; they took a holistic approach to my health. Today, I feel a million times better, and I owe it all to their expertise and dedication. If you're in need of physical therapy, don't hesitate to visit Panetta – you won't regret it!
Daniel Py
Daniel Py
This is a great place to go for physical therapy, very knowledgeable staff, and a nice large area to accommodate everyone who comes in. They do a good job having enough people for everyone who's doing therapy so you don't feel like you're being ignored. My only real complaint would be against whomever owns the business, in that there's fairly high turnover because they don't seem to pay their staff enough. This is sad to me, considering how skilled the therapists are, and how well they've treated me. I hope they see this and decide to improve things for all the great people who work there, before no one wants to anymore.
Robert Kohr
Robert Kohr
I came to Panetta unable to rsise my left arm. After working with Jen, she managed to loosen it up, restore function, and allow me to do pushups once again. Thanks for your hard work and making me feel better!
Gloria Portela
Gloria Portela
Philip Balcer is a great physical therapist. As my first time in therapy, he was excellent and I felt well taken care of. The entire staff was very friendly and I would absolutely go back again.
Cory Rabiea
Cory Rabiea
Highly recommended. Referred to Panetta PT through an acquaintance. Had a nagging hip/glute pain that would not let up for weeks and eventually decided to go to Panetta at their Glen Cove location. Steve was able to identify the underlying causes of my injury (hip tilt/unevenness causing tendonitis) and worked with me to correct my behavior and then rehab the injury. Three months later, and I am fully rehabbed and ready to resume my normal workout routine. Steve and Josh both were so instrumental in helping me develop new routines to get me on the mend, and I couldn't be more grateful for both of them.
Kaire Vung
Kaire Vung
Jennifer at Panetta Physical Therapy is absolutely an amazing physical therapist. Jennifer (and her team) took great care of me - she was so attentive to my injury and concerns, took the time to explain the treatments and provided me with home exercise and tool to help me make progress. I would not have recovered from my ankle surgery so quickly without Jennifer - THANK YOU! Last but not least, the facility is great and all the staff are super friendly and kind.
Spyro Markoulis
Spyro Markoulis
When I had my hip surgery I didn’t think I’d be anywhere near the level I was playing at. But thanks to the dedication to Phil, rich and all the crew, they really helped me get back to where I needed to be in order to continue my collegiate career. Still a long road to go but Philip and crew put their full effort into making you recover 100% with no setbacks and if it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t even be walking yet.
leila brooks
leila brooks
I was very impressed with your facility and caring staff. Dr. Phil is a proficient therapist. His patience and expertise are beyond compare. I am now pain free and able to get on with my life The interns Ari ,Carlos. Eddie and Constantine are very helpful and instructive. The front desk, Kimberly and Linda are always personable and informative I definitely will recommend Pannetta Physical Therapy.

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