Jennifer fernandez

Jennifer is a compassionate and dedicated physical therapist specializing in post-surgical rehabilitation. She earned her undergraduate degree in human biology from the University at Albany and her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Touro College. Jennifer’s passion for physical therapy grew during her college summers when she worked as a PT aide, developing a deep appreciation for the profession and building rapport with patients.

Working with post-surgical patients is where Jennifer finds great fulfillment. She excels in motivating them throughout their recovery and witnessing their progress. Jennifer believes in providing individualized care and creating a supportive environment to help her patients achieve their goals.

Jennifer’s proficiency in musculoskeletal ultrasound (MSKUS) allows her to accurately identify orthopedic problems, enabling her to develop targeted treatment plans and optimize patient outcomes. She also has a special interest in pelvic floor physical therapy and working with pre- and postnatal patients. Being a new mom herself, Jennifer understands the unique challenges and experiences of this stage of life.

Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys caring for her baby and engaging in outdoor activities. Exploring new places, visiting the beach, and walking or hiking trails bring her joy. Running is another activity she embraces to maintain her own health and well-being.

Patients would describe Jennifer as “small but mighty.” Despite her stature, she brings unwavering dedication and energy to her work, empowering patients to achieve their best outcomes. She believes in shared responsibility and encourages patients to actively participate in their rehab journey.

Jennifer is committed to providing exceptional care, building meaningful connections with her patients, and guiding them towards optimal recovery. Her proficiency in MSKUS and her passion for helping others make her an invaluable asset in the field of physical therapy.

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