Recovering from a total knee replacement takes time, effort and most of all, patience. A lot of your energy is spent doing rehab exercises. There supervised exercises done at physical therapy are important because professionals help you get your form down. However, the exercises don’t stop at physical therapy. For a speedy recovery from total knee replacement surgery, you’ll need to do at-home exercises. It’s just as important to get on a schedule to do at-home exercises to strengthen your knee. Here are some important, easy-to-do exercises to follow for your at-home routine.

Ankle Pumps

In this exercise, you’ll want to move your foot slowly up and down, like you’re applying force to accelerate when driving a car. Ankle pumps help promote blood circulation in the lower parts of your legs, which reduces any post-surgery swelling.

Ball Wall Squats

To do the ball wall squat exercise, you put a medicine ball between your back and a wall and move up and down slowly. The purpose of doing ball wall squats is that it helps to strengthen your quads and the gluteal muscles. The repetition of the exercise helps you test range of motion on movements where you have to go from sitting to standing.

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